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Online Exam Software is comprehensive examination software for conducting online and offiline Exam in India. It Comes with Question Bank and Testing computing platform. Online Examination Software is extremely important Online Exam Software which has many advantages to your Institute. Manage multiple kind of test series from a single exam software. Total computerized system, Effective use of time, Cost effective.

Online Exam Software Development in India Online education is a type of educational instruction that is delivered via the internet to students using their home computers. During the last decade, online degrees and courses have become popular alternative for a wide range of nontraditional students, include those who want to continue working full-time or raising families. Most of the time, online degree programs and courses are offered via the host school's online learning platform, although some are delivered using alternative technologies. Although there are subtle dissimilarities, the main difference between online and traditional learning is the fact that online education liberates the student from the usual trappings of on-campus degree programs — including driving to school, planning their schedule around classes, and being physically present for each sequence of their coursework.

Why Institute need to opt Online Exam Software

At the present scenario, different competitive & entrance examination, which are being conducted online - Computer Based Test (CBT) & in upcoming days, it can be assumed that more examinations will be conducted online. To manage its resources with optimal efficiency, Institute management need to have robust and integrated Online Testing & assessment software to give the exact exam environment for Computer Based Test (CBT) to their students. This ‘Online Exam software’ is unparallel and comprehensive Testing & Assessment software that able to create the exact exam environment & prepare the aspirants for final exams with more confidence for Computer Based Test (CBT).

Online Exam Software Development for Education & Learning Industry

Online exam software/education software has become an essential teaching tool for teachers to use as part of their lessons. Their implementation in classrooms has improved performance of both the students and teachers alike.

We at Adysoft have gained years of experience in Education industry from working with education institutes and publishers. We have developed e-learning systems that offered multiple benefits to our customers like online education, better student assessment facility, parents' collaboration, simplified and paperless administration. For students, we have developed subject oriented applications that encouraged them to learn while play and increased their interest and curiosity in the subject.

Some of our projects developed for Education & Learning Industry are:

  • Cloud-based application that facilitates teachers in managing classrooms, curriculums, students, examinations, dynamic test paper, student assessment, daily notes, etc.
  • Online School Administration System to manage students records, courses and their offerings, students' attendance, students' progress, parents meeting, schedule, students' record book, the Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP), WSLP credits, class events and much more
  • Application for students, teachers, scientists and engineers who needed an immediate and easy verification solution to solve quadratic equations quickly, find area of 6 shapes instantaneously and get solution in Fractions of second
  • E-learning website solution for Online learning and sharing teaching resources
  • Training solution that continuously keep track of employees' competencies, needs of training to enhance or improve skills, certifications and education

Features of Online Exam Software
  1. Students Management:This module of Online Exam Software is design to maintain those students’ records & login details that have been registered for Online Test Series.    
  2. Question Bank Management: This module is design to create & maintain own content library in Online Exam Software, through which institute will able to generate unlimited no. of sets & exams. The questions uploading & updating features are made so easy that institute can upload no. of questions at one go.
  3. Exams & Sets Management: Through this module, different types of exams can be created in Online Exam Software as per need & courses provided by the institute. Institute can decide the no. of set allocation for each exam.
  4. Notification Management: With the help of this module of Online Exam Software, institute can give any types of updates to all students like new announcement, upcoming exams & important dates.
  5. User Management: This module is used by the administrator to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Any user logging into the system can access only those functions for which he/she has been granted rights for using Online Exam Software.
  6. Students Panel: Through this panel students will able to update his profile, password & profile photograph in Online Exam Software. Students will able to perform their tests & can see ranking & analytical reports of performed tests.
  7. Open Registration: This option will be given on website as any student from anywhere can register to avail Online Test Series. This feature will able to make the student registration process easy & hassle free.
  8. Free Guest Users: Students can register as Guest User to get one or Two Free Test. No. of free test can be adjusted by institute itself.
  9. Payment Options: The payment options in Online Exam Software will be in online mode or offline mode. Students can pay by opting any of the options for payment process.
  10. Payment Gateway Integration: A third party tools used to receive online payment after integrating the payment gateway in institute website for Online Exam Software.
  11. Authorized Centre/ Person Addition/ Coupon Management: In Online Exam Software, Authorized Centre or any Person registration process is available to create a list of authorized seller of Online Test Series packages. Promotional Coupon or Full Amount Coupon can be created by institute for distributing to authorized seller.

Benefits of Educational Software/Online Exam Software

Educational software incorporates multimedia content and gives users a high level of interactivity. These two features differentiate them from traditional teaching practices. Multimedia content like pictures, graphics, and sound help engage the students in their lessons. For instance, when learning about history, students can go back and view videos or other online-based content related to it. Online education software also benefits teachers. It allows teachers to connect better with the students, helps them keep the students interested in the lesson, and promotes a productive environment for learning

Online Exam Software development in India