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SmartĀ ReaderĀ (OMR)

Smart Reader software is a one stop place for your OMR and Document Management needs. Smart Reader software is a complete solution for reading OMR sheets of any educational institute. It is an alternative to costly OMR scanners. It uses any normal scanner to check the answer sheet. The answer sheet used is any normal paper, so it is very cost effective. Smarter Reader gives you 100% accurate result and export data into Excel formats.Using this software we can even send the results on internet and SMS.
Smart Reader strongly supports all pattern used in entrance of different examination

Why to Have Smart Reader OMR Software
  1. When Students check their copies themselves students make faulty and influenced corrections which is unreliable. The students fail to develop the spirit of competition showing shortage of dedication of tutor and unfairness to students.
  2. The use of Smart Reader in educational institutes increases the standard of education and its evaluation in the eyes of the students and their guardians.
  3. The use of new technology in the education keeps the institute to advance with the pace of time.
  4. When tutors check the copies a lot of Manpower is wasted. Due to manual checking mostly results are inaccurate. Results are delayed and this lessens the importance of results.
  5. Checking through Smart Reader OMR software gives the students real environment of the examination. Quick results help student to correct their mistakes. Graphical Progress reports keep the parents aware and informed. Using this software we can even upload the results on internet and send SMS. Besides good teaching Smart Reader OMR is the reason for the success of the students as well as coaching’s prospects.
  6. Many quality institutes have no interest in buying expensive OMR Scanners while the Smart Reader OMR Software is a substitute opened before them for objective test checking.
  7. Besides being cost effective, the OMR software is Smart as its name signifies and 100% accurate. Thus saving a lot of time, money and manpower.

Smart Reader (OMR)